I'm a practical chick. Well - generally speaking (I've been told I may be a little too optimistic/trusting/good-seeing at times - but that simply balances out those who aren't). Mumbo-jumbo and pie-in-the-sky has me turning up a slightly skeptical eyebrow at the concepts put forth - though each to his own.

However, there's something to be said for the power of thought. Mind over matter.

I've had a tough time recently, I admit it. There are days when it seems everything that can go wrong does, and a whole lot you didn't even imagine too. One thing after another, like cold fronts vs Cape Town, they just keep coming and knocking you down. You get very very tired of fighting, of trying to stand up again, of struggling against the tide. No matter what you do nothing works and you just want to give up.

I've heard it said that you can attract bad stuff by expecting it - after a while I think that might happen. You're so down-focused that all to come your way is more beat-down stuff, endless cycle of rock bottom and below.

So I'm doing an experiment. Doing a Pollyanna if you will. I've decided to focus on affirmations - good stuff, positives - create them if necessary, and quit focusing on woe-is-me. There are those who say you "attract what you think", so I'm thinking differently.

And it may be working. There are little successes and steps forward where everything was simply sliding back. There's a stronger ray of light at the end of the tunnel then there used to be (or that could mean the train's bearing down on me). There's opportunities, chances and good things coming together - or about to.

Even the brown stuff that still attempts to hit the fan is given the positive spin once-over. Which immediately makes it fizzle out into something manageable.

Am I attracting good because I'm thinking positively? Hell, perhaps I am. Whatever it is, it's better than it was. And as Dr Phil is fond of saying "how's that working for you?" - well, just fine thank you very much.

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