Change & Opportunity

I'm no expert on either politics or economy, but I've been fascinated by what's currently going down in the world.

Country after country is running to help out banks and big business going bust. It's not at all "business as usual". Rates of currency exchange differ up and down dramatically within minutes. One month oil is unaffordable - and the next the price is cut in half. Uncertainty is the name of the game.

And then there's our local politics - a small battle reflecting larger global ones. The ruling party is splitting down the middle into new branches and old hold-fasts. What was once a huge strong block of majority is fractured and uncertain ahead of next year's election.

There are a lot of doom and gloom naysayers looking at this and thinking "we're all going to die!". But I see it a whole other way.

This is the time for major opportunity and change. Nothing is certain anymore - so chances for setting a different course abound.

You can't do business the way you always have? Can't get the usual people to fork over their cash to you for your usual products? Find a new, better way! It's not like you have anything to lose - things are so unstable no-one will notice if you dump all the old perceptions & practices and start afresh. Find a new market, find a new service, don't tread the everyone's-doing-this path.

You can't vote for the same folk you always voted for? Have a rethink of why you voted for them in the first place - and perhaps change your mind about what you want from your local politicians.

Can't figure out how to make ends meet when you can't count on today's price being the same tomorrow? Now's the time to re-evaluate your habits and priorities, and see whether there's a better way to do things now that will pay off long-term.

Yup, it's uncertain times. But it's the best time to get a hell of a lot done.

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