I've been soooooo busy lately - rushing from one thing to another. But hitching a ride to work this morning, I got chatting to my lift-giver about writing and photography etc.

And I realized I'm really missing creating stuff. I've been head-down hands-busy for such a long time, just slogging away to keep things ticking over. I haven't written anything creative in ages - those articles for the Landy mags have gone on siesta. Blogging mania has trickled and dried up recently. My imagination has dried up.

I haven't hauled out my camera either. I was trawling old photos recently looking for something to submit to a forum's monthly competition, and realized I used to take really good photos, and I used to enjoy doing so. My camera is currently gathering dust, only used to photograph projects in progress and things for sale. I haven't really been anywhere lately to take photos of anything - just daily grind day in and day out.

But I do miss it. I miss having a creative outlet and the time to indulge it. I know this period of putting all my effort into work won't last forever. I have big plans for relaxing on a beach acquiring a tan come summer :-) I would like to use a holiday for actual holiday too one day - but for now I'm going to have to simply be "mentally creative". And no, that does not mean taking a marker to the walls of my cell.

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