Although I've been burnt by Google, I'm still a bit of a Google User.

I've recently started to structure my life with Google Calendar, shifting various tasks around as needed, sharing elements with Favourite Man online for stuff he needs to know - and it's been working very very well. I never really got into any other task-management software. The most I've done is have a notebook with the day's stuff written up each morning and worked through. This online calendar with reminders stuff has changed operations considerably.

And now it's gone a step further. I've just downloaded and installed Google Calendar Sync. I've taken my work calendar in Outlook and synced it one-way to GCal - giving me a definite idea of when my office appointments are. It auto-syncs every 120 minutes, so I'll be able to track busy days and not-so-busy days right from one calendar. Niiice...!

Or at least I hope so. Will live with it for a while and see how it goes. One more Google product in my life. Sigh....

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