Phones - what to get?

The time is rapidly approaching to replace and upgrade a couple of cellphones in our household. Each of us has a wishlist, but here's generally what we're hoping for:

* VoIP capability - with associated features of course
* Windows mobile stuff
* Batteries that don't die an hour after they're fully charged
* Preferably something that rings and can be answered.. :-)
* Reasonably robust design - no fiddly finicky bits, especially considering some of us have large hands, some like to add their phones to the washing, and some deal with heavy equipment
* Quite probably three different user-levels: basic for the kid, mid-fancy-functional for me, and pimped-out for Favourite Man

There are many nice bells and whistles available, but a lot of them really aren't necessary. We have laptops and digital cameras and a kitchen sink.

So I'm throwing this out to you guys - what are good options out there and what should we avoid?

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