Social Flutterby

I really suck at the whole online social networking thing. OK, so I have blogs and a Facebook profile and a LinkdIn one and a Flickr account and a DeviantArt ID and all that stuff - but I'm not Working It, not to the extent that others do. I'm a member of 19 forums, all of which haven't heard a word from me in ages. I'm a terrible social flutterby.

Case in point - I've just responded to a Facebook message that's been sitting in my inbox for 4 months. Eish. It's not the only one. There were 10 messages waiting for me to one day pull finger and get around to writing back. Including one from my very first best friend from Grade 1, who I haven't seen or heard from since primary school! Eish again.

Perhaps if I had more time to get deeply into these I'd be better at it. But I like the sunshine and the great outdoors, I like doing things that don't involve a computer screen, and necessity dictates I need to work too. I simply don't have the hours available to go virtual bells & whistles on my social life.

Hell, I hardly have the time to go NON-virtual on the social life.

So I'll remain a bad social networker, with occasional spurts of inspiration - and if you hear from me on a semi-annual basis, count your blessings.

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