Time and Money (again)

OK, bear with me - one more.

Seth Godin is a man of much wisdom. I picked up something on his blog this week I've been meaning to comment on, namely consolidation of impact. I completely agree - and this from a chick who has 14 blogs, 7 websites and fingers in who knows how many pies. But it's something Favourite Man and I were discussing in round-about manner a while back - how to get the most bang for buck, and where it's best to invest both time and money for maximum results. It's led to a couple of decisions being made that will have far-reaching impact on the future. It may well lead to a couple more regarding my online presence.

Seth's latest post ties in with the others I've published today. Again, it's about consolidating your impact - and shedding what doesn't work for you. He's framed it within the boss or client reference, and it makes a lot of sense. Again, it's time and money - where are you investing both, and is it working for you?

It's also about personal integrity - what you will and won't do to be where you're aiming for. Time and money. Goals and sacrifice. Confidence in your path's direction and willingness to put in the effort, even if it's not always pleasant or easy.

It's simply choices either way.

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