The good stuff

Along with my fear and trepidation of things to come and all the hard work I'm going to need to put in to keep head above water, I've allowed myself brief moments of daydreaming over stuff that I will be able to do with all of my hours my own to manage.

And thoughts of those are counteracting the belly-fear mentioned in my last post.

I'm looking forward to being able to dash off to town in the middle of the day if I need to - without asking permission from those higher up the food chain. To being able to move around, not chained to a desk or a clock-in office.

I'm looking forward to working according to my body clock, not office hours - if I want to get up in the middle of the night to do admin, then make up the sleep with an afternoon nap while it's too hot to work outdoors, then so be it. No more caffeine shot post-lunch to keep me looking awake while my mind slumbers in front of a screen and thoughts of snoozing in the back seat behind tinted windows out in the parking lot beckon.

I'm looking forward to traveling with my camera once more - getting out into the wide world and seeing places, people, things to expand my horizons and challenge both mind and lens.

I'm looking forward to a growth curve as I learn to do business, deal, interact, plot and plan (a lot of which I already have under my belt but have not had the opportunity to do much of). I'm looking forward to getting organized - let me at it!

I'm looking forward to time to walk on the beach, to think in peace & quiet while my hands are busy, to meet up with someone for coffee outside of a set lunch hour (I've really missed one of my best chick friends), to say "yes" to meetings within the industry that take place in the middle of the day an hour's drive away.

I'm looking forward to writing creatively for ME again (or for a Landy mag), when I want, and as the inspiration strikes - not losing what I wanted to say because it's popped up in my brain while I was trying to concentrate in a meeting.

I'm looking forward to variety each day - having a plan, but being able to be flexible should things arise. Being out and about, being in. Living via mobile office (cellphone and notebook - laptop would probably get lost in a load of e-waste and processed on arrival! :-) ) or home office without involving a commute.

I'm looking forward to the physical work, the heavy lifting and using my neglected muscles.

I'm looking forward to more time with my family instead of 10 hours away from home each day.

I'm looking forward to the mental gymnastics of keeping all the loose ends under control. I'm looking forward to being my own boss.

If you've been self-employed or worked from home for a while these may seem silly to you, but I'm new to the scene and starting to relish the possibilities.

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