It's mere hours before my life as an office employee ends. It's been a series of "lasts".

Last commute in with the sun streaming over the most amazing green on the mountains - sunbeams angled through clouds to spotlight a Cape Dutch building white against the vineyards.

Last bringing the laptop to work - it stays here when I leave and today is all about archiving, backing up, uninstalling and clearing.

Last turn into my personalized parking spot and last trek up the stairs to the office.

Last cup of coffee currently being enjoyed from the office coffee machine. And for the first time in ages the machine didn't give me kak.

Miriam has emptied my bin for the last time. In 3 hours I'll have shut down the puter and packed up the desk and left the building as a full-time employee for the last time.

It's a strange feeling this. A million milestones packed into one day.

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