Small victories

I've realized that life is never going to be smooth sailing. Today is definitely stormy and I'm getting one challenge after another thrown at me to deal with. Most of them I simply don't know how to, and it's left me feeling stuck.

Yet there's a quick way to turn it around - and it's the small stuff that does it. Faced with 6 problems at once, if I solve one of them it gives me the will to sort out the others. It's the littlest thing and won't dissolve all the hassles, but it is a start and it is making a difference.

Instead of panic stations I find myself taking a deep breath and facing down the next issue in line. I've gotten creative in the past and simply need to get creative again. With extra vooma :-)

For this moment though I'm claiming my victory, relishing in it briefly - and then moving on to problem #2.

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