Working from home, self-employed means:

* you get to hang up washing and do the dishes between tasks (or make lunch, or make breakfast, or make coffee)
* you take two cellphones, a notebook and a pen with you when you have a toilet break... just in case one of your clients calls
* you can pet the dog or kiss Favourite Man anytime during the working day
* you change outfits 4 times in a day to work, have a meeting, work some more, and then do the shopping - with work clothes requiring a daily wash once done
* make-up is optional
* work attire varies from old jeans and holey shirt (the dirty work) to new jeans and company-branded t-shirt (the non-dirty work). With takkies, either way - uncomfortable fancy office shoes not in sight.
* you get a tan - at least on your arms and face (see "jeans" above...)
* every day is different, and you never get bored
* you win some, you lose some - but generally you come out on top