I blame the washing powder

For the past month I've been on the go all the time. Muscles working, running here and there, hardly ever sitting down (hence the lack of blog posts..!). Even meals tend to be taken on the hoof so to speak.

And yet...

My jeans are starting to feel tight again. There's a bothersome "jelly roll" around my waist. And as strong as I'm becoming, I'm not becoming as skinny as I should be with all this exercise.

Perhaps it's because I'm eating more than I did last year - getting hungrier because of fresh air, sunshine and hard physical labour, so I'm swallowing a decent breakfast and a decent lunch - and then a decent supper too. I'm not getting enough sleep (apparently that doesn't help) - there's simply too much to do. And I don't have time to do focused muscle work like the regulars down at Virgin Active would - not that I ever really did. Equally, I often forget to drink water and cleanse the system out properly.

Or perhaps it's the washing powder. Who knows what they put into the stuff! It's making all my clothes shrink.

Yup, I blame the washing powder.