Just add sugar

Today was an e-waste collections day, and Favourite Man and I got an early start. So early in fact that we had to make a quick stop at McDonalds for breakfast.

I'm not a big fast-food fan, so stuck to the generic Egg McMuffin (Favourite Man got the meat) and a coffee.

So early it was, that the chick who took our order appeared at the next window too to put our orders together and hand them over. My coffee came with special instructions...

"Ek gee jou vier suikers want die koffie is bietjie dodgy" *

Eish. At least that's an honest sale! :-) Seems a spoonful of sugar makes more than just the medicine go down.

Perhaps that's why it literally went down - spilt over my jeans as I tried to open the lid and add said sugar a few kms down the road. Or perhaps that's just one of the hazards of the mobile office. Next time I'll stick to the Coke.

* Rough translation - "I'm giving you four sugars, because the coffee is dodgy".