This evening my son and I stopped by our local shopping centre to drop off some boxes of broken glass into the recycling bin. There were quite a few of them, and they were heavy, so we had to make a few trips from the car parked three metres away to the bin, lift the boxes and throw the contents in - all of which took time.

I don't usually park in that area, as the security guards there are more of a nuisance than a help. Tonight one was on parking duty and there was another guy in tow. They offered to help throw glass in bins, but I turned them down - knowing they'd want a handout in return.

But while my son and I were going to and fro with the glass in boxes, the second bloke climbed right into the back of the Land Rover and swiped my wallet out of my handbag!

I saw him getting out the car with one hand behind his back and said "hey, what's in your hand"... upon which he tried to pass my wallet to the security guy and then gave it back to me when that didn't work.

AND THEN had the audacity to ask for "a little something" for attempting to help me!

I was completely and utterly furious. More angry than I've been in ages. I did check the rest of the bag to make sure cellphone, chequebook etc were there - thankfully they were, he didn't have much time to pilfer them out. But for him to blatantly climb into the car right in front of me and try to steal... I was fuming ranting mad.

I should have grabbed the Mace and let him have it - or any other number of things. I was cross enough to take a potshot at him with my fist, but gathered up my stuff, spat a response to his handout request in his direction and drove off.

Half an hour later when I got home I was still peeved bigtime. I have a good mind to go back, find him and Mace him after all... Just thankful he didn't get away with it.