Rain Rain Go Away

The Cape is a fickle beast. Last week we were sweltering in 44 degree weather. And trying to weld / cut steel in it too boot. Today we were thankful for the clouds that kept things to a workeable level of 22 degrees... until it started to pour with rain! Fortunately it was on our last cut of the current job, but it had us running for cover and packing away power tools at such a rate that we ended up tangled in each other's arms and legs.


So here we sit, checking that the online world still exists and hasn't disintegrated while we were away for a few hours. Watching the grey weather outside, and hoping it stops raining so we can finish all we had planned for the day.

I guess summer's coming to an end. The leaves are falling, the weather's changeable. There's dew on the cars in the morning and a chill in the air at night. Sunset and sunrise are closing in the daylight hours available from each end - soon we'll be hard at work way before sunrise, layered in clothing and trying to keep both warm and dry.

Today though, as welcome as the rain is after weeks of dry heat, it would be nice if it dumped its wet elsewhere. Just for a few hours.

Simply Neotel