Ag nee man

Seems Deems may be right. I might have torn a ligament... which is very very uncool! I'm fine sitting still, lying still or standing still (though lopsided). Going downstairs is OK provided I choose which leg goes first. Going up is hell. As is the occasional mis-step or slight twist that literally has me yelling. I can walk (with stick) as long as I don't step wrong. But if I do the pain is something else.

Ag nee man - not cool at all.

And tomorrow I have a lot of collections lined up for Virgin Earth - including one at my old workplace. However, I have discovered the usefulness of the Average Teen. The Kid gets to go with me and fetch/carry while I make nicely with the natives.

I'm treating this random injury like any other, which may or may not be a wise thing. I'm still going on with life in general, even if it's a bit slower and more hesitant than usual. I'm keeping the leg moving instead of stiffening up with inaction. I'm doing as little as possible to make things worse (yes, I can drive - but the automatic D2 and not my Olivia). And I'm going to take my rest as I find it.

Doctors? I think not - what could they do that I'm not already doing?

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