Spray 'n ... ?

Just back from the voting thing, Favourite Man noticed a glob of prestik (blutak for some of you, except ours isn't blue) on the car carpet... Eish! That stuff's horrible to get out of anything, and short-pile vehicle furnishings are one of the worst.

Nevertheless, had to be done - so I turned to Google. Which was semi-helpful with hints, but being hard-headed I had to try it my way.

Cue the handy can of Spray 'n Cook.

I use the stuff quite a bit - instead of oil in the pan when making pancakes, to line the usual baking dishes, and yes, for cleaning.

I've used it a couple times to take off sticky labels from computer cases. Spray it on, wait a bit, wipe and scrape and wipe until it's off - repeat as necessary.

Tried it on the prestik - voila! It's off, after some scrubbing.

Zapped the patch with Vanish Carpet spray, and we're good to go. Even if we do smell like something should be baking in the back.