We have one truly strange neighbour. Although his car is plastered with "don't do drugs", he's regularly up to his eyeballs along with the dodgy folk who hang around his place. I once found him parked at an angle against the side of the road near a busy intersection, having misjudged the turn in his state of mind.

This morning he turned up at the gate. His car had run out of petrol - please can I help. Well I can't syphon out of Olivia, so the only option was to take a jerrycan and go find some. He didn't have cash on him, so said he'd come with, draw cash, fill up the jerrycan and come back. He was slurring his speech, unable to focus, definitely not all there. But in he hopped to Olivia and off we went.

We got to the petrol station, I chucked a few emergency rations into my jerrycan, he went off to find cash - and then came back to say he'd forgotten his bank card at home! So back we came (with me watching Olivia's guage drop toward nothing...), chucked my emergency rations into his tank, and I went back inside.

Only to hear the battery rapidly going dead as he tried to start the car! And watched through the curtains as he threw his hands in the air and swore in the direction of the heavens.

Next thing... knock on gate. Please can I jump or tow the car to start it. Well Olivia's batteries are not good, and I honestly don't have the fuel left to tow him and still make it to my next appointment. So thanks, but no thanks.

Ended up pushing him single-handedly down the road to get the thing going. Which fortunately it did.

Now he's gone off with my jerrycan and will hopefully return with fuel. The RIGHT fuel. Or we're stuffed.

Unless he sells the jerrycan for drug / booze money, forgets he owes me a few litres, or simply doesn't come home for days.


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