One often hears about malevolent spirits stalking the earth, terrifying the locals and causing havoc.

But we appear to have a resident non-malevolent. Or not.

Both Favourite Man and I have often thought we've seen a passing shadow in the passage outside the bedroom - but simply put it down to reflected light off cars going by on the road outside the back, bouncing through the stair windows and causing light and dark. There's certainly no sense of foreboding, or cold/hot spots, or anything else "traditionally" ghost going on here - other than a brace of spotlights falling over once by the stairs, but that could have been human error. The dog doesn't stare fixedly at a certain spot or growl at nothing.


The other night I was sitting typing at my computer with my back to the room. Favourite Man was on the other side of the room behind me doing things in the cupboard, and I heard him whisper very clearly "Michelle...". I turned around and said, "yes?" - and he looked at me in astonishment. It wasn't him, and he'd heard it too!

Kinda freaky.

So what do you think - over-tired over-worked over-active imaginations, or do we have more residents that we thought we did?

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