Under the Radar

Did you know that 5,000 people in the Rustenberg area are about to lose their jobs? Have you seen anything about it on the local news in South Africa, seen any protest action or other general outrage? No?

Perhaps it's because Anglo American is the one "cost-cutting" on a large scale. And Anglo American has enough power, pays enough salaries and taxes, that they can simply make sure such a big story never makes mainstream media in this country.

Same thing in Botswana. They pay enough money to the government each year in taxes, fees and such that they can simply make and break as they want to. No-one dares stand up to them.

There's something wrong with this picture. Very very wrong. Trouble is, no-one's going to do anything to sort it out - and 5,000 families will be left struggling, along with many other industries that revolve around those mines.

Big business should never be allowed to become that powerful. It's got me more than a little peeved right now.

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