Maybe tomorrow...

I've spent the entire week dirty, getting my hands beaten up by machinery, gravel and cement, ingrained grime and rough skin being the norm. I've been in torn and dusty jeans, the oldest of clothes, battling the rain, grease and cold, usually without a spot of make-up on because I've barely had time to even throw on clothes before it's off to a job or two - for the rest of the day.

Although I do love hard physical work and the challenge of doing stuff, after a whole week it can get tiring. I'm typing this with stiff fingers, mindful of one knuckle missing skin (and telling me so every time I move). Last week's scrapes and pokes have scabbed up and are starting to itch/heal. I have yet to get the last dirt out the corner of my nails and my fingerprints wouldn't need colouring-in to show their pattern - every crease on most fingers has a "shadow" that no amount of scrubbing will get rid of.

I'd love to paint my nails - but I know that working with thinners or acetone tomorrow will simply take it off. I'd love to take a pamper day to moisturize, pluck, shave/wax and colour - but time is money, and both are tight. I'd love to look like I feel inside - instead of scaring the locals in Checkers. :-)

Perhaps tomorrow though I'll get to wear clothes without holes, ones that don't need to stand up to the driveway or the pavement, things that make me feel more woman than labourer. I miss dresses (haven't owned one in a while, as you can't load e-waste or work on a Land Rover in one). Delicate shoes? Not a chance - it's takkies all the way. Heels? Humph! But maybe tomorrow?

Perhaps. Though looking at the weekend's to-do list I really do doubt it.