We're insured as Cape Connect Internet CC with Outsurance under a business policy. We're doing this one site at a time, as they're completed - starting with the high site that was recently sabotaged, and since paid out under their cover to restore. Getting that insured was a bit of a mission, as no-one could grasp the concept of "high site" - some tower up on a mountain. We never really got that particular point through their heads, but they happily covered it as-is, using the list of parts and equipment with their values that we provided, and photographs of the site. When we were sabotaged, an assessor came out and sorted out the claim within 24 hours - which was really impressive.

So now on to phase 2. Our next location for an access point is in the middle of Somerset West, on top of a building that houses (among others) the CSI division of the police. We emailed our usual contact at Outsurance to get the completed installation insured, with again a list of items and equipment, photos and total value. Easy-peasy, right?

Wrong. I had such kak from the guy who tried to draw up the policy that I nearly gave up. First, he couldn't understand that the antennas and pole outside were linked to the equipment box inside, and should thus be insured as a unit. Then he couldn't understand that this was at a different location to our headquarters. In fact, I'm not entirely sure he understands anything in general at all. So I asked for them to send an assessor out to see the stuff and put it in terms they could grasp.

Assessor duly turned up yesterday, went through the site and equipment with me, changed the info that needed it, and was very happy with the security, lightning protection, location etc. She handed the info over to Outsurance to add to our business policy the same day.

And then today I get a call from someone at the call centre. Telling me that we've been given 30 day's notice - the policy will be cancelled on the 17th of September, as we're too high risk for "vandalism, lack of security, lightning, fire" and assorted other nasties.

I was gobsmacked.

This site is ON TOP of the roof of the police building. No-one is getting through the two security guards, floor of crack detectives/fingerprinters/etc, locked roof (only two keys), locked room (only two keys), and then climbing up 10m to vandalize the antennas or breaking into a physically and electronically secure equipment box to destroy our equipment! There's a fire extinguisher right next to the box. There's lightning protection on everything.

And yet we're HIGH RISK!

So I fumed at a manager. Who then called me back later to say it's the underwriter's decision and he can't change it. So I said "check again" - and he did. And same story. They've made up their minds that we're high-risk and they're cancelling the entire policy - high site, this site and all.

"But we hear you have a data centre - can we insure that for you?"

Yeah, right....

In other words, they'll happily take our money each month to insure something that will likely never be broken into, damaged or messed with, but will not insure anything not physically attached to it!

To say that I'm pissed off is a mild understatement.

They say "you always get something OUT".

Today I did get something out. Me.

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