Only The Rich Die Young

'Tis true!

One needs only to hit the shops in search of a cream for the face to realise that fact. Have you seen what Olay costs these days..?

There's an ad on TV right now that has me slightly p'd off. Linda Evangelista (appropriately photoshopped / well lighted / Poly-Filled perhaps) has us try to guess her age, while extolling the virtues of L'Oreal something or other - and then states she's only 42.

OK, she's a supermodel. She's paid to look good. And I can guess a substantial portion of that pay has gone toward potions and lotions, professional attention and all that kind of thing. So yes, she can look marvellous at 42 while us 37 year olds look 50! :-)

The trouble actually starts early.

If you're not born with a silver spoon in your mouth or land a high-paying job right out of school, it's likely you started working life slaving away for minimal pay. If you also had a family young, your priorities are such that spare cash goes into their care, not yours.

So while the rich are out buying Clinique, you're out buying bread and milk. And perhaps trying to make Vaseline Body Lotion do the same job as the pricey face creams, rather unsuccessfully.

While they're out buying the kind of underwear that actually prevents your boobs hitting your waist, you're hoping your bra keeps from falling apart for one more year (forget Oprah and her wisdom re changing your size/fit every six months - simply not affordable).

While they're scrubbing away cellulite, getting deep-nourishing massages and sloughing off dead skin cells with salt from an exotic location, it's all you can do to make sure you get a shower in once a day and hope the excess baggage doesn't show up too much.

While they're coving up greys with an artful and professional tint/dye, you learn to brush the hair a different way so they don't show up too much - then watch as your blonde simply gets lighter and whiter with each passing month.

And when the rich die, they die young - looking fresh and lovely, perky and firm. While the rest of us will look like we were still working on our to-do list as they nailed our final resting place shut.

Make sense? You know it does! :-)