You lift me up

I had to dash in to town this afternoon to stock up on the usual combo of bread / milk / other stuff - and made a very quick detour into Woolworths.

You see, I need to one of these fine days buy a bra. Or two. Or more.

Beyond the usual feminine fear of trying to find one that fits everywhere equally, there are all sorts of other issues around the purchase of a small piece of stretchy fabric & lace, straps and clips.

Do you go for padded or plain? Underwire or not? What colour? What effect - plunge or perk or t-shirt? Sensible cotton or satin and lace?

So it was that I did a running trawl of the underwear aisle in the hope of gathering some idea of what is required.

And then hit the brakes. Big-time. When I looked at the price tags...

It's no wonder most of South Africa walks around in bras that are falling apart. The cheapest one Woolies stocks is R100! You could of course trawl Mr Price and find a R40 model - if you're lucky it won't be day-glo pink with black lace trim (some of us are way too old for such foolery). You may also find one that fits around, under and over the appropriate parts for that price. But the last time I checked, they simply didn't have what I needed in my size.

It would be lovely if somehow, someone could find a way to make a decent, well-fitting bra at an affordable price (without tinsel, baubles or rhinestones) that the General Public (ie Me) could buy and wear with pride. And look good in too, please.