On a Thursday night I like to settle in for an hour of Top Billing - a local magazine show with glam and the good life type stuff. It's like paging through House & Leisure - you see what everyone else is up to, the rich and the famous, bit of inspiration for small-scale my-life stuff, a chance to crit the weird things they spend cash on, and the rest just mindless entertainment.

Tonight the show was hosted from a small bachelor house that wasn't anything hugely special. Except that I noticed immediately some of my favourite paintings were on the wall. And a LOT of them. All surrealist type realistic ones depicting deserts and shipwrecks and holes in the ground and deserted buildings. Like this. In fact, EXACTLY like that. Except that it's not the house that was shown... THIS is. And my perceptions were shattered.

You see, years ago I saw that artist's stuff, lost the name and have been trying to find out who it is since. So I checked the credits online for tonight's show, and found a "interior decor staging company".... Space Energy.

Who apparently take a perfectly ordinary house and then fill it with their stock paintings, ornaments (saw that on the screen too!) and other things, and VOILA! you have decorator heaven.


There go my shattered dreams that I'd finally found someone who had the artwork I love so much, in copious amounts, and who I could Google until I found out who the artist was!

And Sies on Top Billing too for showing us through a house that really doesn't exist. As soon as the cameras stopped rolling and the lights were put away, poor Mr Bachelor Luxury Jet Pilot went back to coming home to his normal, undecorated, rather sparse house.

Sies again.

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