A Random Post to Start the Blogging Year

Here's a question for you.

Are you more likely to find a dropped 5c coin nearer a bank or further away from one?

Yes, I think of weird stuff walking down the main road of our little town, but hey, I'm weird.

Here's the logic. If someone drops a 5c coin (our minimum unit of currency here in SA, almost not worth picking up, and copper coloured to blend into the ground - so I find quite a few of them :-) ), they may or may not notice it.

If you're walking near a bank you're more likely to be thinking about money, so more likely to pick it up again (especially if the bank's on your back to give them some or you're worried they will be soon). But you're also more likely to find one, as that's the source of cash and people carrying cash. Just as you're more likely to find bees near a beehive.

Further away from the bank you're less likely to find people carrying cash, but more likely to find people not worried about small amounts like 5c coins - also more likely to be buying things from many places, letting a coin drop on their way out of the shops.

Totally random post to kick off the year I know :-)

Wherever I find my 5c coins - whether bank-close or further afield, I'm grateful to those who dropped them. Not only do I take them as an indication from the universe that everything's going to be OK (more than one found in a day? things are going to be excellent!), but enough of them grouped together and you can actually go get a loaf of bread with them.