Time for a change

A few weeks ago Haloscan, the commenting system I'd used since Day 1 of this blog, disappeared. Company change, different policies - gone.

And on the old template, Blogger comments simply wouldn't work!

Solution? Re-do! :-)

So... what do you think? Lick of paint, spot of colour - whole new look.


Deems said...

Nice fresh look - pity you lost previous functionality.

Deems said...

FYI: Comments only seem to publish if you use the Name/Website option - none of the others publish, and without any sort of error message.

Michelle said...

It doesn't seem to applied the settings I wanted at all. No word verification etc. Weird.

Rodney Olsen said...

Looks great.

Changing things around always means tweaking bits and pieces for a while but you've got it looking fantastic.