Mighty Mouse

We have a Mouse.  But not just any mouse...

On Friday I thought I heard a rustling out in the back yard while doing some work.  I might have glimpsed something - but perhaps it was just the wind moving a few old leaves.

While I was out doing the shopping later, Favourite Man heard movement downstairs.  That sneaky cat from next door perhaps, stopping by via the open back door?  Perhaps.  The dog was sniffing around the washing machine and storage boxes - must have been a cat.

Later that evening we're all sitting around post-supper watching a bit of TV, when there was the sound of more than just a rustle from the shelves where the dog's food is kept.  We all jumped up to investigate, the boys armed with torches.

Yup, something rodenty was hiding on the shelf!

Rat?  (Eww...)  NOPE - MOUSE!

With a Capital M.

He's awfully cute and fluffy, all brown and white - but extremely well fed, an obvious ex-pet, and very very large.  Small rat size!  And boy is he scared.

However, he must out - so the chase was on.  From the top shelf, to the next one, to the bottom one - everything was hauled out and poor mouse hunted down.  He was found cowering in a corner, peeing himself with fear.  And then he was off!  Behind the storage bins, where he was chased into a box that had no hope of closing and out again.

His final move was over the feet of his two male persuers - and I watched as two grown men danced and shouted....  (we won't say screamed, shall we?)

Finally he was out the back door, leaving spots of fear-pee all the way.

So now we have a Mouse.  A Mouse called Hercules (not only because he's large, but because he makes giants tremble).  Who is given a handful of dry dog food each evening near where he is now residing.  Rather feed him out there and keep him happy than have him coming in the window hungry and literally eating us out of house and home.

I'll still either tame him or capture him - for now he'll have to enjoy the freedom of the great outdoors a little longer.