Missing: July

You may (or may not) have noticed that this particular corner of cyberspace has been a bit quiet of late. Just scanned through my Blogger dashboard and noticed the last post was around 20 June!

In the meantime the World Cup has come and gone (yay on the latter! now to banish that horrible WakaWaka song from random memory pop-ups), the winter's dragged on (though we seem to have hit a no-rain reasonably-warm patch lately), the dog has been down with kennel cough, relegated to a new sleeping spot inside and settled in there on what he thinks is a permanent basis, the work has overwhelmed and written words have been few.

If I'd had the time I might have blogged about:

* how responding to a question someone posed online got me so angry as I typed that I ended up not posting it - instead it took 3 days to stop being more than a little pissed off and calm down.

* driving on the old Sir Lowry's Pass road for the last time before they closed it and tore it up, while we now enjoy the new-tar smoothness on the other side where there once was mere broad dirt and grass.

* the difference between a good month and a disastrous one, in practical terms

* mind over matter and how telling myself to "suck it up and heal" seems to be curing the various cuts, bruises, scrapes etc associated with my job in record time :-) (for example the tip of my finger I sliced off, which a month later shows no sign of it other than a slight loss of feeling)

* the surprisingly excellent job my local Home Affairs office is doing - passport applied for and received quickly with no hassles or any real wait.

* how to make sure your teenager showers daily (hint - involves putting him to work at ground level where there's a lot of mud, more than can safely be borne into bed at night)

* three years with my Favourite Man and the wonders thereof - better every day

..and a whole lot more.

Pity, then, that the best blog posts are always dreamed up while I'm driving and forgotten the minute I switch off the Land Rover back home.