Wishful thinking

Just once I'd like to cook an entire evening meal without having to answer a phone and do customer support at a crucial stage.  Just once I'd like to serve that meal perfectly cooked, at the right temperature - and not dish up a slice of meat that's had half an hour's wait and turned to rubber, or veggies that have wilted with re-heating.  I'd like to not burn the frying onions while I urgently top up a prepaid voucher, not over-cook the pasta while I find out whether there's a line problem (instead of discovering it's the-human-on-the-other-side error).  I'd like to have breakfast without opening my mouth to take a bite - and instead putting the food down to answer a phone.  I'd like to drink my coffee while it's still hot.

I'd love to sleep in on a weekend instead of throwing on clothes to go fix someone's computer, stuffed up because they decided they were infinitely wiser than an expert.  Or take an afternoon nap without awakening to an SMS.  Or at least have time to start my computer up in the morning before the first just-after-7 call.  I'd like to brush my teeth or have a non-rushed poo without taking three phones to the bathroom with me.

I'd like to shop for the groceries at a leisurely pace and get everything we need, instead of rushing to the till because clients demand immediate attention and I have to get back to base.

I'd like to plan my day and actually stick to my schedule, instead of changing direction because there's an emergency (and ending the day frustrated).  I'd like to actually get through my admin - and not at 11pm when I'm likely to make mistakes.  I'd like to start a task and finish it without interruption.

I'm a mom, a wife, I have a household to run - I'm just your average human.  But I also have two businesses that need my full-time attention - and dropping everything to care for those is presently a fact of life.  It's what customer service is about, and it matters. 

Merely tires me out sometimes and I end up with a blog post like this.


Kel said...

boy it sounds like you need a holiday!