Yay for the Post Office!

Now THERE'S something you don't hear often.  The Post Office often has a reputation for slow delivery, bad service, things being lost or stolen in transit etc.

But this morning we had an exceptionally good experience with that organization.

It's time for the annual postbox renewal fee to be paid, and instead of chugging down to our local branch to pay in cash, Favourite Man decided it's time to try do so online.  He went to e-postal.co.za, signed us up and within seconds we had an account sorted.  He then entered the postbox details.  Lo and behold, because we were paying online we had a substantial discount!  From there it was enter bank details - and within seconds Standard Bank's AutoPay system had processed the payment, e-postal had sent through confirmation and a tax invoice by email, and Standard Bank had sent through proof of payment.


That was absolutely superb - and works so very very well. 

(Now if only we could link the process into our Pastel accounting system, we'd have to do basically nothing to track the money-trail...)

I only wish other organizations would get their butts in gear to make payments, receipting and processing as pleasureable.

Yay for the Post Office!