All grown up

History was made today.  Jason Bainbridge, my rapidly growing up son, FINALLY passed his learner's test for both car and motorbike!!!  Third time lucky... :-)

Quite frankly, we were all not sure he would - but he studied hard, and built on correcting the questions he'd got wrong last time.  This time around I waited outside the test centre, armed with my trusty emergency book (a fixture of Olivia's safe box for any times requiring a long wait).  Couldn't concentrate on reading though, as I was more nervous than he was I'm sure.

But an hour and a half later, he popped out the door with a thumbs-up and the whole world went YAY!

So what's the next step?

To get a driving instructor.  Both Favourite Man and I could of course teach him, but we're also likely to instill bad habits that will have him retaking the driving test again and again.  (I hear at least one of us sneaks past a certain traffic circle on the wrong side if there's no cars coming)  Yes, we'll provide practice sessions, which may have us sprouting more grey hairs than is necessary.  And if J learns to drive in Olivia, he'll be able to drive anything!

The bike licence?  That will come eventually.  We're on the lookout for something mid-size and affordable in the near future.

First step is done though.  Official papers in hand, giving one more teen free reign to terrorize the adults.