I'm kicking off the new year with a huge number of half-formed ideas drifting around in my head.  I'll be sitting watching something on TV, or working outside on a job, or spot something online - and off goes the thought-line.

Trouble is the line gets broken somewhere.  It's as if I can see great things as the end result, but only just.  There are flashes of images, of me doing something awesome, but I can't tell exactly what I'm doing or what I need to do to get there.

I think this stems from thoughts of "what's next on the list?".  Yes, I have my grubby paws in two businesses that take all my time and attention, but anyone not merely treading water through life tends to look forward to find things to aim at.  Whether it's a new project or a new direction, something that will challenge the imagination and creativity, that could end up changing the world, or just changing you.

I wish I could get these half-formed ideas to flesh themselves out, the flashes of what could be to take more than ghostly form.  But perhaps it's from just these seeds that the awesome comes.  Eventually.

For now I have to contend with the slide-show effect while I wait for one of them to come home to roost and be worked on.