Olivia has needed a bit of work lately.  Today I got to work on her in a "professional" environment, as opposed to the front yard!

Our local Landy expert kindly suggested I sort out what needs sorting under his watchful eye.  His exact words were "We'll fix it, but you're going to WORK!".

So me, my tools and my truck headed down there this afternoon to do just that.

I suspect I was a bit of a novelty.  He told me that the other mechanics had started to ask if there was a new one starting training.. and one came up to inform me he'd never seen a woman work on her own car.

But hauling out a carb is one thing I've done a lot of.  I know what goes where, and got stuck in with a will.   Yes, it's hard and dirty work.  I ended up with a kinda large area of skin taken off my thumb where I had to dislodge a stubborn nut.  I frightened a few womenfolk at the shops later with my grubby paws that were fresh from the engine.  And I ended up poised butt in air a number of times over the engine bay, hoping the jeans were not creeping south while shirt crept north... :-)

There's nothing as satisfying as putting it all back together again, having it fire up perfectly the first time and driving off though.  I have the experts to thank for that - they showed me exactly what needed doing and then let me at it.  I know more now than I did when I walked into that garage.

But I also realized I had a huge amount of fun.  It was actually rather cool working on my Landy surrounded by other people working on other Landies, the inevitable radio going in the background, the tools moving from one vehicle to another, and various people popping by to discuss their trucks.

I guess if ever I need to change careers (yet AGAIN!), I could actually consider mechanic. :-)