18 years ago today, this was me:

And 18 years ago tomorrow, this happened:

Since then there have been birthdays:

And adventures:

Tomorrow my child becomes an adult.



craniac said...

How time flies.

Deems said...

They grow up so fast - congrats! You survived parenthood, and so did he :)

Kel said...

a milestone worth marking for sure

may I offer a blessing for the birthday boy?

As you find your unique way
to journey through life
in your own style and manner,
may you only read the compass
held in your palm
and not someone else's.

May you discover
roads less travelled
and a path that brings you
joy on the journey,
not just at the destination.

When you come across the narrow bits,
the twists and turns along the way,
let your compass serve as a reminder
of where your true north is.

Let it guide your feet
to places in which your heart
feels at home.

~Kel © 2011