The trouble with having a minute or two of peace in which to actually form thoughts, is that you actually form thoughts....

Even worse, in my case, you not only form thoughts, but you start solving the world's problems - and then move on to all sorts of interesting, creative, awesome and fun things to do, try, make - and then move on to places to go, things to see,...

It all just kinda snowballs quite frankly.

Take this whole loadshedding thing.  You start with "damn, Eskom are idiots" and end up with elaborate plans to power your home off-grid - a home you might not even own in a place you haven't visited.

Which then leads to "places I'd like to go explore next" - and then you wonder when to go, if you would be able to live wherever you're visiting next, what you'd do once there.

After which the realization kicks in that you had better spend your allocated cash paying the mundane bills instead, so everything above is really a moot point. 

Like I said, having time to think is actually quite problematic!

Back to work then.