Grind to a halt

100 years ago, inventions and innovations were in full swing.  Think of all the major steps in flying, driving, technology, household goods and office machines etc that happened then - there was simply a gigantic surge in stuff being discovered, made, tweaked, and lightbulb moments.

100 years later, we seem to have ground to a halt.  Every now and then someone comes up with a brilliant new invention or discovery, but most of the new stuff today is merely reworking things that are already discovered, shining them up, and adapting them for a slightly different market.

So where have all our inventions gone?  Why are we not making leaps and bounds, given the incredible wealth of info, collaboration, networking and knowledge every single one of us has access to?

I think it's because we've literally ground to a halt.

When was the last time you were so UN-busy that you had time to sit down in peace and quiet, and finish a thought train.  Or endless hours available to experiment, create, try, or mistakenly blow something up?

Nope, we don't have that luxury anymore.  Instead of all our inventions giving us more time to expand our horizons and delve into becoming richer human beings (both materially and in depth of person), we spend our time running around after the numbers required to keep up with the Joneses, or simply keep bread on the table.  We herd ourselves into cramped accommodation and follow the crowds hither and yon.

A lack of invention?  The daily grind has ground us to a halt.  There are no science labs included in your hours-long commute, there are no libraries and a comfy chair at the office.  Kids are kept running from one extramural thing to another instead of being left to wonder, explore and discover where they fit in to the universe for themselves.  Adults work, sleep and eat.  Leisure time is spent in collapse or distraction, not doing something profoundly meaningful or important.  And that leisure time is limited to mere minutes, hours, or a day on a weekend.

I wonder what would happen if we collectively claimed back our time and our lives ...