In praise of the licence office

I bet you never expected me to say that the Department of Transport driver's licence office is doing well, especially with the recent hassles, now did you! But they are - at least here in Somerset West.

You see, our car licence office is seperate from the driver's licence office, which makes a HUGE difference. Even with the eNatis system issues, it took me a mere hour from start to finish to acquire ID photos, fill in the forms, do the eye test and fingerprinting, and get my licence renewal in - with receipt granted. It's going to take another 3-6 weeks before they issue the new one, but my licence will be valid for 3 months after the expiry date (in 2 weeks time), so we're good to go.

On the way out I walked past the Department of Home Affairs once-a-week office... the queue stretched all the way out onto the street and down the block. I'm very glad my passport only expires years from now.

So Somerset West office - you rock! Well done! Two of your staff could be a little friendlier, but good on ya for getting us through the system quickly and smoothly.