Preserving Sanity

The dark cloud of "don't want to be there" descended on me as a walked down the hill to work this morning. A carry over from yesterday's sucky day and 2 weeks of solid under-pressure hard work. It tends to happen around this time of year, the busiest time for me while others are slowing down bit by bit. The college empties out after graduation next weekend, leaving peace and quiet for those of us who stay on to keep the wheels turning.

I'm trying to blow that dark cloud away today. I've got some calming music from the Dreamcatcher album playing, drowning out stress-inducing noises. I plan to leave early (with permission) to go climb under my car and fix the alternator, add water & oil and try get the bonnet opening cable fixed before we head to town today. I'm focusing on doing work I enjoy as far as possible while here - creative stuff, learning curve stuff (I taught myself how to use CorelDraw in half an hour to produce a brochure on Tuesday... Flash is next!).

All in the hope that I can stay sane today.

I can't believe it's Friday already. It seems like the last one was just yesterday, but a whole week has gone in the meantime. I don't know where!

This weekend I'm really looking forward to my Sabbath rest. We have no plans to do anything other than just Be for the day - and I'll be getting an afternoon nap in too, unlike last week. It's not going to be the warmest of days, but I will be spending most of it outdoors in my yard or somewhere on the mountain slopes. I won't be reading or meditating on anything heavy, nor will I be entertaining anyone (which tends to send me into frantic activity of cleaning and cooking and making sure guests are well cared for). It's just going to be me, my son and the dogs, spending time together in rest and stillness.

If I can make it through the morning....