Shabbat Shalom

God's creation speaks deeply to me through the trust of birds and beasts as I sit and ponder Him. Every week one particular turtle dove joins me outside, settling down to sleep on a nearby fence pole while I read and think in the garden. It trusts me enough not to need to keep one eye open. It knows I won't harm it.

Early each morning a female bullbull stops by for her bird bath. She jumps right in, even if I'm a mere metre away from her. She knows I'm not dangerous.

The tiny fieldmouse who lives in the daisy bush comes out for seed near me, unafraid of even my quicker movements.

But many of our animal and bird neighbours on this planet are scared of those whom God put in charge of their wellbeing. They fly or flee when we come near, scared that we might harm them. Many of us will.

I can't wait for the day that the lion and lamb lie down together. I look forward to sharing a lasting trust with my fellow creatures, learning from their ways and restoring that relationship we used to have with the animals given to our care.

(Photo taken at Butterfly World - which houses about 10 different varieties of butterflies, and allows one to wander among them - this seethrough-winged butterfly is perched on my son's none-too-clean toes. It was one of a cloud of butterflies used to human presence, and thus trusting of the people who stopped by. Wild ones won't do that as easily....)