You want a piece of me????

This morning, it seems everyone does!

I arrived to a huge hoo-hah over a couple of students who turned up at a government office and verbally abused the lady responsible for renewing their visas... which I had to smooth over with her, though the students are currently deep in the brown stuff!

At the same time, many of our international students leave this week, but are still awaiting visa renewals - so that needs sorting out. We're trying to contact those sitting at home today to get their passports asap.

Then there are the various departments on my back for this and that, and other departments going at me about website updates. And yet I still have a rather large colour brochure and 100+ page yearbook to design, check, and get to the printer.

Today my son's school has their annual awards evening - a prelude to the end of classes and the school year on Wednesday. I'm expected to be there, but also drop by the school to examine all class work and chat with the teacher today.

At this point I'd like nothing better than to lock my office and go home - but that is unfortunately not an option.

Feeling a bit like I've been attacked by a gang of hyenas! :)

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