All Tensed Up

I've caught myself clenching my teeth - almost grinding them - a lot lately. It's subconcious, and only once I realize that they're tightly bitten together do I take note that I'm doing it.

Often, while trying to get to sleep, I'll find my jaws still locked together in a vice-grip. Not good!

I don't know if there's some underlying tenseness that I'm not completely aware of that's making me bite my mouth closed. Perhaps I'm trying not to say too much? (Perhaps I need to clench my fingers to prevent typing too much??? :) ) I don't know.

It may just be the wind-down to the end of the year - or rather wind-up, as we go out rushing. Or a carry-over from trying to sort out my interior and exterior into something I might feel better about. Perhaps it's the time/space conflicts I experience each day, having to carry a lot of loads and do many things in the few hours that speed by.

It's a bit worrying, actually. It feels as if my teeth are starting to "migrate" as a result. I already have problems with my upper jaw - the teeth are moving toward the front, pushing against each other and skewing the front two past each other. It's something I plan to get sorted out next year once finances allow a trip to the dentist - but now there's the teeth-clenching thing that isn't helping.

One of these days I need to book myself in for a massage and all those pampery things, stress release, me-time.

Before I grind my teeth into horsey-flat smoothness.