Ever since I learnt that insufficient sleep can lead to weight problems (and decided I need more sleep), the planet has been conspiring against me to keep me up late or wake me up early.

Case in point - this past week. With my son on holiday, we've been staying up past the usual bedtime. It's been pretty hot, which makes sleep difficult. On Friday night we baked a birthday cake, and as we put it in the oven at 9:15 we realized it takes an hour and a quarter to bake... so had to amuse ourselves until it was done. Saturday night the son's friends came over while their parents went out - and they left after 11. Sunday night my son went out with them to see the Christmas lights, and only got back at 10:45. Last night we attempted to see the meteor shower, saw nothing (what shower? wasn't even a drop!), and by the time we headed for bed we were both so overtired that my son was in tears (and I nearly was too). I had to spend an hour hugging him and rubbing his back and just being there while he tried to sleep - all the time trying very hard not to either fall asleep myself or throw up from tiredness.

Now I know 11pm doesn't sound late to many, but I'm the type that needs my full 8 hours sleep, or I don't function well. On weekends an afternoon nap is in order - and I got none this weekend thanks to visitors and trips to the strawberry farm to get the ingredients for strawberry jam as Christmas presents.

This morning I overslept. I woke up at 7:20 - I start work at 8, but fortunately live a 2 minute walk from the office. I made it here just in time, but am still feeling short on sleep.

Not enough rest makes me irritable, I look terrible (those old saddlebags under the eyes) and am short with people. It takes a lot more effort to get things done than it normally would.

I wonder sometimes what heavenly rest will be like. There will be no darkness there, and we won't tire - we probably won't need sleep. But we'd have eternity to sleep in if we wanted to, and an eternal life free of the stuff that wears us out on this planet. It's hard to imagine. I wonder if they'll let me sleep off that first thousand years of eternity, and wake me up at the end of it?