THE day....

So tomorrows the day I turn 33. Mega-whoopeee...

It somehow doesn't seem like a birthday, but what the heck. The only plan I have is to bake myself a birthday cake, and make the food I enjoy for lunch for a change. However, I may have a braai later in the day (barbecue for you uneducated non-South Africans... :) ), and see who turns up. Depends also on whether the gale-force South-Easter wind stays away long enough.

Some of my family have decided they're coming for lunch, so will be experimenting on them with all sorts of new dishes, and then we'll tuck in to cake etc late afternoon.

That will, basically, conclude the 33rd anniversary of the day I was born!

(I was born shortly after 11 a.m. while my dad preached at church on the "New Birth", by the way.... Typical pastor's kid, I guess!!!)