Exercise Time

Note to the Resident Dogs:

If you wake me at 5:30 in the morning, I will most probably take you for a walk. However, a walk implies that you will accompany me, and not hide out under the first plum tree you come to then sneak back home, making me cut short my hoped-for mountain walk and turning it into once-around-the-block so I can get home and check that you are not out chasing the neighbour on his bicycle or bothering anyone else still attempting to sleep at that hour.

HOWEVER, please note that waking me up at 4:41 in the morning will NOT get you a walk, nor will I be entirely happy with your attempts to de-bed me with cold wet noses and high-pitched whines.

Any further attempts at awakening me at an unearthly hour will be met with utmost disapproval, and you will not be let outside at that hour to do ANYTHING - including empty your bladder, or chase guinea-fowl.

Be warned.