Freak out!

I'm going to be having a little fun with one of my colleagues this morning.

She's the type who loves getting a good scare. She borrowed my "The Mummy" & "The Mummy Returns" videos and screamed all through them a while back. I printed out 40 pages of "real" ghost stories for her a few months ago from the internet, and she was jumpy for days!

This morning I'm going to finally convince her we have ghosts in the building.

There's a kid's programme on TV called "Run the Adventure" each week - 2 weeks ago they were doing a treasure hunt in an old graveyard, and had given each kid "dowsing rods" made from wire hangers, to seek out "ghosts" and score points for the most found. Well, the all-knowing internet provided me with the info I needed to make my own wire-hanger dowsing rods, and last night my son and I did just so.

We then wandered around the house, finding some pretty interesting stuff! There are certain areas in the house where the rods go wild. Now, I'm not one to believe in ghosts and goblins, but I do believe there are magnetic, electric and energy fields around that we know little about - created from vibrations in our cells, or water flowing, or electronic goods etc. Dowsing rods have been used for years to find water, and we proved it last night by taking them over the garden hosepipe, with the water turned on. Very, very cool! The rods also crossed when taken near my son, reacting to his body's energy field I guess. There's one specific spot that the rods turn completely around - we suspect the joint electric fields of the freezer, the neighbour's TV upstairs and the water pipes has something to do with it.

So today I've emailed my friend to meet me on the top floor of the building at 9 this morning. I've been up there with my wire hangers and found a few spots where they cross. I'm going to let her walk the passages and see what happens.

She's just read the email and is already freaking out.... :)

Watch this space for an update later on!!!!

She was DEFINITELY freaked out! :) So were a few others - I used my "divining" powers in one lady's office and found two "ghosts" hovering around her desk! Oh man, is this fun.... :) Of course lady #1 is convinced that the ghosts are the result of all the photos of past graduates hanging on the wall where we tested the rods - many of them now deceased, having graduated in the 1930's. I'm convinced, on the other hand, that the rods are crossing above one of our photocopy machines downstairs, a computer cable running through the wall and various other electronic devices. But hey, whatever floats your boat! :)