Got some this weekend....

...but only this kind! :)

I was persuaded to try a teaspoonful of "Hot S*x" at the farmstall where we usually stop for 2kg packs of fresh strawberries. I'm not one for things alcoholic (after a few years of over-the-top drinking just out of school!), but I have to say - this stuff is GOOD! In very, very small amounts, or perhaps over vanilla ice-cream.

According to an online article it's a "cocktail of cream, vodka, ginger and ginseng". Quite a mix, and they claim aphrodisiac properties.

After the run-in with a drunk driver that could have killed me, I'm wary of alcohol in general, and specifically alcohol in others on the road. We live in the wine-farm district, and mid-summer Sundays are likely to be strewn with the wine-tasting crowd tottering from venue to venue. Been there, done that - and no more for me! Never really liked wine in the first place.

But this stuff...hmmm.

Anyway, whether I taste it again or not, this will be the only Hot S*x I'll be anywhere near for the forseeable future! :)