Abduction Alert!

We were just hanging around the house on Friday night, when I happened to glance out the window - only to spot a line of 5 equally spaced greenish-white lights moving slowly in the distance!

Apparently I wasn't the only one to see them. Pretty soon at least 4 neighbours were outside, watching and wondering. The lights moved across the bay, then got disorganized, turned around, and headed back again. In the meantime we were joking about our New Year's wish to spot a UFO (part of a conversation to help keep us awake while we waited for midnight), and the fact that we watch way too much sci-fi...

This morning, the online news had a story about similar sightings in Durban, and frantic switchboad-jamming calls from the general populace about UFOs.

Well, we finally found our binoculars, and managed to make out that what we saw was a group of 5 helicopters. I wonder if they were pulling a similar stunt to the publicity one in the news story....

Anyway, it made for a little mild excitement on a Friday night, something to talk about with the neighbours. Such are the lives of those who don't go out much! :)