Blast from the Past

It's suddenly gone quiet here in the office. To amuse myself, I've been downloading some old radio shows.

Way back before we had TVs (got them really late here in Africa!), the radio was our entertainment. No mindless bombardment of sound and light, telling you what to think and not requiring any extra thought. No sir, we heard voices and sound effects, and our imaginations filled in the rest.

Springbok Radio was one of our favourites, until it closed down in the mid-80's (I think...). Every Sunday night we'd tune in for the kid's programmes, and then such great comedies as The Goon Show and The Men from the Ministry.

Well, after downloading the "Ying Tong Song" (Goon Show) for my son's amusement, I went in search of other Goon show and Men from the Ministry sound clips - and found a bunch! I've downloaded a few, and will keep adding more as I find them, until I have enough of a collection to burn onto CD.

They're still as funny as they've always been, and maybe, just maybe, I can get my son off the TV long enough to listen, imagine, and lose himself in a bit of old time radio comedy. I may even be able to find some kid's shows for him, if I look long and hard enough - anything would be better than Yu Gi Oh, BeyBlade and Dragonball GT! :)