e-tv Reads My Blog

Earlier this week I posted a couple of links to news stories on extreme weather the world over. And last night e-tv had a special news report on "What on Earth is happening to our weather?" They must have read my blog!

The upshot of it is that for the past 10 years the weather has been getting more extreme. Droughts are drier and longer, storms more violent, hurricanes more frequent and harsher. And it's only going to get worse. Brace yourself and get used to it!

Things like global warming were mentioned as possible factors, though the climatologist didn't want to commit herself to that as a definite answer. There are other factors too like destruction of forests, desertification, and over-use of natural resources, all leading to imbalance.

It's pretty interesting to see how one thing affects another, in a huge unstoppable chain reaction. But folk are starting to wake up to the realities. I know a couple of governments are looking at how to effect long-term climate change, and saying if we don't do something now it will be forever too late. They're right, but it takes a while to sink in, and even longer for people to react. Too many other things take priority.

If we are to survive on this planet for many more years, it's going to require each of us obtaining a new mind-set, re-thinking how we view and use the world and its gifts, and examining the impact we have individually. The government can't do it all.

And we need to do it before it's too late.